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Entertainment can no longer be disassociated from the technology that enables it and delivers it to our computer desktops, living rooms, and handheld devices.  We regularly work with the world’s leading Internet portals, Web publishers, content providers and e-commerce companies in the production, distribution and monetization of digital content, including long and short form video, online, mobile and console games, and user-generated content.

Getting Online

Our attorneys advise clients in all aspects of doing business on the Internet, including the creation of a Web site, development of Web site terms and conditions and privacy policies, DMCA compliance and the negotiation of back-end hosting agreements, third-party development agreements and related technology licensing agreements.  For early stage companies and entrepreneurs seeking venture capital financing, we negotiate and document investment terms and assist in corporate formation and restructuring.  For select early stage companies, we will make introductions to our broad network of investors.

Making Money

Generating revenue online continues to pose the greatest challenge for any Web-based enterprise.  Our attorneys have unparalleled knowledge and experience representing clients in the monetization of online content, including via display advertising, paid search, third-party ad networks and   exchanges, direct sales, subscription services, affiliation relationships and other revenue sharing arrangements.  We have been involved in many of the most significant transactions in the field and are regularly consulted in connection with the development of new and sophisticated business models.

Content Production and Licensing

Our extensive experience in the production of traditional entertainment translates directly to the production of online content.  We regularly advise clients on all aspects of producing content directly for the Internet including negotiating agreements with talent, rights clearance and acquisition and advising on union and guild rules specifically applicable to the production of Web-based content.  We also regularly advise clients regarding the licensing and syndication of existing content to the Web as well as mobile platforms.

Protecting IP

Doing business online requires careful protection of a company’s intellectual property rights as well as careful navigation of third-party rights.  We provide patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret counseling, prosecution, enforcement and defense and we regularly litigate related matters arising from online activity such as rights of publicity, defamation, rights of privacy and antitrust.  We also advise clients on antipiracy enforcement and related technologies.

The Technology of Entertainment

Traditional film and television production and distribution depend to an ever-greater degree on digital technology, from the creation of computer-generated animation and special effects in production and post-production to the digital distribution and exhibition of films on multiple VOD, EST and other types of mobile and online digital distribution platforms.  Our attorneys regularly advise clients in the licensing of these innovative technologies and provide legal advice to industry associations and standards bodies.