Photo of Health and Safety Regulations/OSHA
Health and Safety Regulations/OSHA


Adhering to federal and state health and safety rules and regulations is an essential component of doing business today.  Noncompliance with health and safety laws and regulations can create both civil and criminal liability.  It is essential for a business to take proactive measures to both understand the requirements and their impacts, and to take action to comply with these rules.  Failure to do so can put an organization's own legal health at risk.

Our legal expertise and representation of clients in this area covers such diverse subjects as death and serious injury incidents, Occupational Safety & Healthy Agency ("OSHA") requirements, investigations and proceedings, drafting of Injury Prevention Programs ("IPPs"), written hazard communication programs, video display terminals, secondary smoke ordinances and issues involving AIDS and other communicable diseases, fetal protection policies and pregnancy transfer rights.

Federal and state laws have recently been amended to create major financial and criminal exposure to corporate clients and their individual managers.  Our attorneys have the experience and requisite expertise to resolve these matters. The firm represents clients in OSHA matters, including administrative consultations, inspections, injunction and subpoena proceedings, appeal proceedings and other administrative and judicial matters.  In addition, we advise on workers' compensation issues, including leaves of absence, benefits, retaliation and "serious and willful" conduct allegations.