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City of New York and Disability Advocates Landmark Settlement Update

September 23, 2014

As an update to the press release regarding the City of New York and Disability Advocate case, Judge George Daniels has given final approval to our settlement that will make New York’s yellow taxi fleet the most wheelchair accessible in the country and one of the most disability-friendly in the world. He issued the following statement: “We should not minimize the importance of this historic moment. Decades from now, most will take it for granted. But this is one of the most significant acts of inclusion in this city since Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. It is an act of a city that equally values all of its residents and visitors. I commend the plaintiffs and their lawyers for their persistence, and the mayor and the city's representatives for the good judgment that today's agreement represents. It makes us a better city. It is simply the right thing to do.”