Advanced Issues In Multiple Award Schedule Contracting Seminar

Federal Publications - Sterling, VA

October 25 - 26, 2017

This comprehensive course, taught by Jonathan Aronie and Larry Allen, has received consistently outstanding reviews since it first began about 20 years ago. The course is designed to cover the primary “high risk areas” of Schedule Contracting, with a special focus on compliance, audits, and risk avoidance. Detailed discussions of the Price Reductions Clause, Commercial Sales Practices Format, Industrial Funding Fee, Contractor Teaming Arrangements, Out of Scope Contracting, Transactional Data Reporting, and the Trade Agreements Act will serve as the vehicles to examine all three subject areas. The course will provide practical advice on how to recognize the benefits of contracting with the Federal Government while minimizing the risks by, among other things:

  • Negotiating (or renegotiating) a realistic and flexible contract as the primary means of ensuring future compliance and minimizing future risk,
  • Implementing a functioning internal compliance program, and
  • Dealing with compliance issues as they arise during contract performance, especially in the context of the Price Reductions Clause, as it relates to pricing and discounting to commercial customers.

To register or for more information, contact Steve or Mary at 888.494.3696 (or email  Be sure to ask for Larry’s and Jonathan’s “Advanced Issues” class, and don’t forget to ask for your “Friends of Larry and Jonathan 2-for-1 discount.”