Data Breach Simulation

IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2019

March 12, 2019

etc.venues St. Paul’s
200 Aldersgate St.
London EC1A 4HD

Oliver Heinisch
Liisa Thomas

This is a unique simulation-style programme where individuals will have a chance to work through how to handle a data breach, from identification, investigation, notification, to regulatory and litigation fall out. Taught by the author of a treatise on the subject, who has handled hundreds of multinational breaches for companies around the globe, we will focus on how companies can handle the myriad -and sometimes-competing legal obligations that arise under GDPR, U.S. and Canadian laws, to name but a few.

What you will take away:
•    How to mitigate future risk when investigating a data incident
•    How to determine whether an incident gives rise to a duty to notify
•    How to notify and handle post-notification inquiries

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