Understanding CCPA: Preparing for California’s New Privacy Act

BrightTalk Webinar

October 2, 2019

Jessica Gross

As spiraling data breach incidents drive heightened privacy concerns, states are turning to the law to help control how organizations handle sensitive consumer data. With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California is the first US state to pass a comprehensive new consumer protection law, which will go in to force on January 1, 2020.

The CCPA includes significant changes to give consumers more control over their personal data, and regulate how organizations can collect and store private information on their customers. And it’s only the beginning – in the wake of CCPA, other states are introducing their own new privacy regulations. With just a few short months until CCPA is in force, organizations should already be taking action now to prepare. But where do you begin?

During this webinar, co-presented by AccessData and Sheppard Mullin, we’ll discuss everything related to CCPA, including:

• What the new law means for any organization across the US that is collecting data on California residents
• Current areas of contention in the law, the current advice on these issues and how new legislative developments are addressing these areas
• Best practices and tips for enforcing CCPA at your organization
• How you can leverage technology to manage data privacy
• And more!

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