Legal Frontiers in Digital Media

A conference on the emerging legal issues surrounding digital publishing and content distribution.

Stanford University
May 15, 2008

Designed for in-house and outside lawyers representing media and digital content companies, as well as for Web publishing professionals who need to understand emerging legal issues in digital publishing and content distribution, this conference explores:

• liability of site owners for third-party content
• digital content licensing, copyright and fair use
• behavioral targeting, geo-targeting and related privacy issues
• legal issues surrounding online advertising and keyword buying
• ethics of geo-filtering, data-scraping and user-profiling
• emerging issues in mobile content distribution

Join legal experts from Google, YouTube, Disney, Microsoft, T-Mobile, CBS, WashingtonPost/Newsweek Interactive, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Stanford's Center for Internet & Society, UC Berkeley's Center for Law & Technology and key law firms across the country, among others, in a series of provocative discussions of the issues arising from producing and distributing digital content in today's multi-platform world.

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Or contact Program Coordinator Melissa Vallejo at 650-725-4301.