Gaming NOW Summit

Hosted by Bullet Business

Las Vegas, NV
September 2015

September 2-3, 2015

The US gambling industry event scene is in need of a serious revamp. For too long events have focussed on the uncertain “whens” and “wheres” of US gaming and neglect the fact there is a huge opportunity to make more money NOW!

The core focus of Gaming NOW is simple – How can you make money in US gaming now? This involves an event delivering everything you need to know to dominate markets with ground breaking new products but also how to optimize your existing ones too… 

If you want fresh ideas and strategy that you can take back to the office and put into action to grow your business, then this is where you need to be! 

Partner James Gatto will be a guest speaker presenting on Cutting Edge Legal Issues and Potential Regulatory Enforcement in Gaming and Fantasy Sports.

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