Need Solutions to Your Cybersecurity Problems?

November 2015

Join Alex Major, November 4-5 at the Willard Intercontinental in Washington, DC, as he serves as lead faculty for the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Forum for Today’s General Counsel. Referred to as “The Exchange,” this 2-day event provides senior business executives, attorneys, and security practitioners a venue to discuss their cybersecurity concerns and access to answers and experts needed to provide technical and counseling solutions. Areas covered include:

  • Next Generation Threat Detection
  • On the Client’s End—Liability and Managing Risk—Protecting your Business from Cyber Attack;
  • What do CEO’s, etc., Need to Know to Manage Cyber Risk—Tips;
  • Cyber Defense—Intersection Between Privacy and Security;
  • DC Update—What’s Going On, On the Hill;
  • Cybersecurity Market Future;
  • Operational Privacy;
  • FTC—Federal Trade Commission: Data De-identification, Data Brokers, Data Sharing Across Borders, Mobile Location Tracking; and
  • Whatever else attendees want to discuss!

To the extent that you are “curious” or “concerned” about your company’s cyber-preparedness, please contact Alex Major or Melinda Biancuzzo (née Lewis) to find out more about this informative and helpful event.