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Prepare for Reputational Threats Now to Protect Your Organization Later

Corporate Counsel
November 25, 2019

In an article for Corporate Counsel, Washington, D.C. partner Joe Jay covers why its critical for companies and other organizations to constantly be prepared to respond to threats to their integrity, and, thus, their reputation. The consequences for erring in response to such threats can be fatal to an otherwise successful organization. Even if not fatal, reputational threats harm a company’s value in countless economic and noneconomic ways. This is especially true today, where social media and the 24-hour news cycle sensationalizes stories, and public opinion often turns on the content of 140 (now 280) characters. In this environment, companies and other complex organizations, through their senior executives and boards of directors, must be ready to respond to threats in ways that will protect the organization but also are true to the organization’s values. Put another way, organization’s must respond with integrity.