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Sheppard Mullin’s Public Policy and Government Affairs team brings a practical, bipartisan, problem-solving approach to clients’ engagements with the federal government. We represent clients before Congress, the White House, DOL, the EEOC, DOJ, and DHS, among others. We provide legal, legislative, strategic and policy advice to clients and individuals who face government scrutiny, seek to advance a policy agenda, or provide testimony to government overseers. Our team combines decades of agency, Capitol Hill and private sector experience in testifying, drafting and enacting legislation, policymaking, advocating before agencies and Congress, and responding to government oversight. We know both how government operates on the inside and how it can be influenced from the outside.

Examples of specific scenarios where the Public Policy and Government Affairs team can help you:

  • Your company has encountered issues in managing its product line, leading to legal jeopardy, press criticism, and outrage on the Hill and among regulators. Our team is experienced in managing such high stakes, multifaceted crises, advising clients on how to respond to the oversight they are receiving, preparing executives for briefings and hearing testimony, all while integrating the necessary PR and legal strategies.
  • You have a strong interest in influencing the substance of legislation currently under consideration in Congress, or persuading a Member to introduce or support legislation. Our team has years of experience dealing with the legislative process, has successfully shepherded bills and legislative provisions to enactment, and maintains key contacts on the Hill and at the White House.
  • You seek to engage an agency regarding its implementation of a policy that affects your interests. Our team has spent decades working in and with a variety of agencies, influencing policy from the outside and creating and implementing it on the inside. We know how the agencies think, what is motivating them, what they want to see and hear, and what is most likely to influence their decision-making.
  • Your company is the victim of a state-sponsored, criminal actor, in a high-profile incident. You face questions, document demands and testimonial subpoenas from law enforcement, Capitol Hill, and regulators. Our team has experience managing such crises on multiple fronts to give each government entity what it needs without sacrificing key legal defenses and privileges, harming your relationships with the other government entities, or taking an unnecessary PR hit.

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