Sexual Harassment Training Manual and Prevention Kit - 14th Edition

Richard J. Simmons

Every workplace in America is vulnerable to sexual harassment claims. Statistically, they are among the most common claims filed against employers. While experts recognize that prevention is the best cure, employers often wait until claims are filed to address the problem. New legislation in California requires all employers with 50 or more employees to train their supervisors. New rules also extend protections based on gender identity, gender expression and genetic information.

Employers must take direct and immediate steps to prevent harassment under the law. In this new publication, Attorney Richard J. Simmons, provides essential advice to employers regarding prevention steps, including training, complaint procedures, investigation techniques, and corrective action measures. The publication provides tools, including training outlines, quizzes, policies, and "promise" statements, that will help employers avoid problems altogether and win cases that are unfounded. To order this book, please visit