Employment Discrimination And EEO Practice Manual For California Employers - 11th Edition

Richard J. Simmons

A complete, non-technical guide to State and Federal employment discrimination laws. This manual shows how to comply with the applicable laws and the costs of noncompliance. It is an essential tool for every human resources official, personnel director, labor relations consultant, and EEO coordinator. It is a clear and understandable manual that contains all the important information California employers need to make and implement important decisions and to defend discrimination, discipline, and termination complaints. It addresses sexual harassment rules, FEHC regulations, pregnancy discrimination, family and pregnancy leaves, workers' comp leaves, defenses, complaint procedures, medical information confidentiality, English-only and fluency rules, Americans With Disabilities Act, wrongful termination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, defamation issues, employment of aliens, sample policy against harassment, older workers benefit act, and liabilities and remedies. To order this book, please visit