California's Paid Family Leave Law: SB 1661 - 3rd Edition

January 2014

On September 23, 2002, Governor Davis signed landmark legislation designed to authorize paid family leaves for California workers. SB 1661 is the first legislation of its kind in the nation. It will authorize the payment of benefits to eligible employees in 2004. It will also create additional obligations for employers to notify new and existing employees of their legal rights. The legislation is likely to create problems with staffing, productivity, scheduling and efficiency. Employers must implement measures to comply with the new obligations resulting from SB 1661. They must understand the circumstances under which employees can take time off from work, employee benefit rights and take steps to maintain their staffing levels and efficiency.

In his new publication, Richard J. Simmons examines the provisions of SB 1661 in detail. He addresses the qualifying events, benefit provisions, relationship between the new paid leave rules and other leaves of absence laws, the ability to require employees to use vacation leave, the new notification rules, and the proactive steps that employers should evaluate. The publication will assist employers to address their responsibilities under the new law. Among the subjects discussed in the publication include qualifying events, eligibility period, use of vacation leave, notification rules, limitations on benefits, domestic partner rules, checklist for employers, impact on CFRA leave, staffing issues, leave of absence issues, disqualifying events, and employer policies. To order this book, please visit