Family and Medical Leave Manual for California Employers - 13th Edition

Richard J. Simmons
January 2019

California employers are covered by state and federal laws that regulate family and medical leaves. These laws guarantee employees the right to take leaves to care for newborn children, adopted children, and seriously-ill family members. Employees can also takes leaves needed due to their own serious health conditions.

In this publication, Attorney Richard J. Simmons of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP guides employers through the complicated web of rules created by the state and federal laws. It examines the key features of the laws, provides sample medical certification forms and posters, as well as a drafting checklist for policies, a sample leave of absence request form, and sample leave of absence policies. Among the subjects addressed in the publication are the following:

  • New Regulations and Changes
  • Employee Eligibility Standards
  • Use of Vacation and Sick Benefits
  • Exemptions
  • Sample Leave Request Form
  • Sample Personnel Policies
  • Types of Leaves Allowed
  • Military Family Leaves
  • Reinstatement Rights
  • Sample Posters and Dr. Certification
  • Employer Notification Rules
  • Record-Keeping Rules

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