Photo of Sexual Harassment/Employment
Sexual Harassment/Employment

Federal and state anti-discrimination statutes prohibit employers from hiring, promoting or discharging employees based on race, color, ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, veteran status, medical condition (e.g. cancer), AIDS, and perceived or actual mental or physical disabilities (Americans With Disabilities Act). Employers need to be concerned about complying with the myriad and often inconsistent laws. Federal and state agencies, as well as individual employees, may pursue claims against employers, with significant financial exposure.

Our attorneys have successfully handled these matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and other regulatory agencies. We have substantial experience in representing employers in lawsuits filed by these agencies, and have successfully defended clients in lawsuits filed by individual plaintiffs, and class actions brought under federal and state discrimination laws--and we bring our philosophy of cost effectiveness to every case.

We provide regular advice and counsel to you on the latest developments in this area, and offer in-house training programs which help clients identify sexual harassment, avoid it in the future, and respond to complaints and allegations.