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Client Solutions

We Partner With You To Design And Deliver Innovative Solutions.

Our structured client solutions program delivers maximum value to you and strengthens our relationships through hands-on collaboration. We partner with you to identify and design a custom set of innovative and integrated solutions for your exact business and legal needs. This allows for simple and seamless integration of process, technology, data, communication and legal expertise to serve you. Once the appropriate solutions are in place, we work with you to continuously build on and improve each component to simplify the client experience.

Access + Matter Solutions: We give you real time access

We share real time data, analytics and predictive models with you in practical and intelligent ways to complement legal capabilities. A team of legal researchers, data scientists and business analysts work closely with our attorneys to deliver timely and actionable data relevant to each client, including judicial analytics, business intelligence, potential claims and regulatory changes. We share this data with clients directly through advanced client portals, which are personalized for each client.

Process + Service Solutions: We simplify and improve processes for you

By design, our attorneys are encouraged and rewarded for participating in non-billable activities that focus on process improvement and technology innovation. Our attorneys can work up to one week annually on such activities to ideate with and for clients on new pilot projects that directly benefit clients. As a part of this program, attorneys are rewarded to reduce the hours that are billed to clients by making processes more efficient, automating tasks, designing new workflows, piloting and adopting new technologies.

Our client service process is based on continuous improvement and simplification. We analyze each of our processes and points of interaction with our clients through process mapping. We actively look for opportunities to provide more transparency and additional value. We have a flexible process to quickly validate the feasibility of new ideas and methods. A dedicated innovation team works in tandem with clients and attorneys to facilitate the process. We continuously look for innovative, yet simple ways to improve by sharing matter data and soliciting input from our clients throughout and upon matter completion. We always ask: “Can we do this differently, better, or simpler?”

Automate + Technology Solutions: We use the right tools and technologies to benefit you

We use technology and automation tools where appropriate, in particular when it is beneficial for serving clients. Our innovation team has a formal methodology to pilot, validate, and make new technologies available to attorneys. Our agile approach enables us to make advanced technologies directly available to clients, with a focus on those that have practical use cases for our clients’ legal and business needs.

We partner with legal research vendors, legal technology companies and alternative legal service providers to design service platforms and technologies. Many of our clients develop technologies for legal services or invest in companies that develop such technologies. We make our innovation team available to and partner with legal technology clients and vendors, shaping the direction of the legal technology market to benefit the broader industry. Our firm size, agility and focus on innovation allows us to respond to the market at the right time, ultimately benefiting our clients.

Data + Analytics Solutions: We are guided by your data

We rely on data to measure, support, and drive efficiency and innovation. A dedicated team of practice economists work directly with clients and attorneys to predict risk and cost based on validated data models. We provide predictive models by the size, scope, and stakes of each matter and offer alternative fee and staffing models. Our performance and matter metrics are continuously monitored against targets with full transparency to clients through actionable and easy-to-use Client+ and Matter+ dashboards.

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