Blockchain and Cannabis: Weeding Through the Hype

November 20, 2019

Presented by:
Jim Gatto, Partner, Sheppard Mullin
Andrea Cataneo, Partner, Sheppard Mullin

This webinar will address how blockchain technology and crypto tokens can be used to solve some of the many problems facing the cannabis industry. Blockchain and crypto tokens have great potential for use in the cannabis industry, particularly since traditional lending institutions are prohibited, or at least limited in doing business with cannabis companies. Some of this great potential, however, has been overhyped and some of the solutions that have been brought to market have not yet solved the problems. This webinar will address:

  • An overview of blockchain technology and crypto tokens.
  • How these technologies can realistically be applied to the cannabis industry.
  • A discussion of prominent business cases and problems that need attention, and a review of cannabis companies using blockchain technology endeavoring to address those problems.
  • Other legal issues with these technologies.
  • Other cannabis specific legal issues.